UX / UI Designer

London (remote), May 2020-Present


1hour.life is an organization matching volunteers with local schools and institutions, making it very easy for them to volunteer. My roles within the company were:

  • The website and app had been previously created without a UX designer in the team and my role at first were to run user testings and then decide together with the developers via GitHub on how to best improve the website and app. 

  • I created illustrations to give 1hour.life a stronger brand and to make sure it stood out. The illustrations will feature on the homepage and on the app. I also created an Onboarding for the app that would be in line with the new branding style.

  • Ran design studios to create involvement throughout the company and brainstorm ideas together. Executed the ideas from design studios adapting them to our needs and brand guidelines.

User Experience Design Immersive

London, January-April 2020

General Assembly

 10-week full-time immersive course that taught me the fundamentals of UX design. Worked in solo and group projects using agile methodologies, starting from a brief and going through research, ideation to prototyping and testing (and testing again) until I managed to deliver the best solution.

Freelance Event Photographer

London, 2017-2019


Providing high-quality images for high-end and luxury events in London and abroad.

Editing and retouching images using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop and giving consistency to images taken with different cameras and lenses.

Guiding the client through the whole process, from approaching the company to delivering the final product, all the while maintaining a professional approach and a smooth production.


UX Skills and Tools

Prototyping and Sketching

Usability Testing

Visual Communication

Competitive Analysis

Information Architecture

User Research

Sketch App


Adobe XD



I enjoy working throughout the UX spectrum, but my personal preferences veer towards prototyping wireframes at any level of fidelity to then test them and adapt them to the user until I reach a solution that will solve their problem. 

Throughout my life, I also realized I am rather good with empathy, which I believe starts by simply listening and observing.

This said, I greatly enjoy learning and I would never preclude myself to an opportunity to acquire new skills.

Other Skills

Adobe Photoshop




JavaScript (beginner)


Italian (Native)

English  (Fluent)

Mandarin Chinese (Conversational)

French (Conversational)

Spanish. (Beginner)

Freelance Photographer and Retoucher

London, 2014-2019

Giulia Fiori Photography

Managing the whole process, from meeting the client and giving costing estimates to the post-production and delivery depts. Often working in teams of other professionals.

Post-production of imagery and removal of unwanted anomalies using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


Speos School of Photography

London, September 2013-June 2014

When I decided to start my career as a photographer, I thought I would take a short course to learn the fundamentals. This course was ideal for this situation. It gave me access to a fully equipped studio and thanks to my teachers, established photographers themselves, I learned all the different photographic techniques like studio photography and reportage photography. It also taught me how to work in a team with other professionals for photoshoots, while carrying out my vision through mood boards and discussions. I also learned all the different methods of self-promotion, from creating a website to using social media at the best of their possibilities.

Beijing Language and Culture University

Beijing, September 2012-June 2013

Living one year in Beijing during my bachelor’s degree taught me adaptability. It was a year of self-discovery where I had the chance to improve Mandarin Chinese while getting to know a country that until then I had only heard of. During the year I was there, I really started to appreciate and enjoy many Chinese customs, like haggling over prices in markets and the kindness strangers can show you when you get lost.

Università di Urbino Carlo Bò

Bachelor Degree in East Asian Studies

Urbino, 2010-2013

I studied East Asian Studies and in particular Chinese Mandarin, intercultural communication and economics of the 21st century China. Nelson Mandela once said “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.” and throughout these years I really understood what he meant by it. Learning about another culture really teaches you to put your beliefs and customs into perspective. This is a teaching that I will carry throughout every future experience; trying to look at a person’s action and understand its meaning before jumping to conclusions.

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